TamilRockers FAQ - Latest Link, Income and Alternatives 2019

TamilRockers FAQ – Latest Link, Income and Alternatives 2019

Nowadays, the word tamilrockers become a debate. Everyone who belongs to the movie industry or watches Tamil, Hindi, Telugu movies talk about the tamilrockers website. And lots of question comes to mind, for example why tamilrockers is still active, who is behind the tamilrockers and so on.

In this article, we will try to provide answers to all the questions related to the Tamilrockers website.

What is Tamilrockers?

TamilRockers is a popular website that provides pirated content includes the latest released Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies for free. The site TamilRockers blocked from ISP’s and Search Engines. They only survive on the internet by changing their URLs. You can read in detail what is tamilrockers.

When did Tamilrockers start?

The website TamilRockers first appear on the internet in 2011 as a bootleg recording network. Later they convert it into a movie website, and they publish new released and old movies includes Indian, Tamil, Telugu, and Hollywood movies.

Who created Tamilrockers?

According to the police statement, a person named Prabhu is the admin and owner of TamilRockers. On March 15th, 2018, police arrested five persons suspected to associate with TamilRockers Prabhu, Johnson, Karthi, Suresh, and Maria John, but yet not proved and clear that these are the peoples who operate TamilRockers website.

What is Tamilrockers latest link?

TamilRockers is a pirated website that is removed from search engines after banned from ISP and governments. That’s why whenever ISPs find a domain that linked to TamilRockers, they ban it. So TamilRockers changed their links time by time, and now the working link of TamilRockers is www.TamilRockers.ws.

What is the magnet link in Tamilrockers?

TamilRockers is a website that works illegally, so they make sure that they do not leave any footprint behind that makes them pay. A magnet link is used to download files, movies, and other stuff on tamilrockers, and it is not associated with any tracker. That’s why tamilrockers used magnet links instead of torrents.

How do I download movies to watch offline?

If you have no idea how to download a movie from TamilRockers, follow the link, and you will know how to download movies from TamilRockers.

What is the income of Tamilrockers?

There are lots of youtube channels and websites that discuss how much TamilRockeers makes money. But the real answer is no one knows how much they can earn. The source of income of the site is from pop up ads.

What is the new extension for Tamilrockers?

The new and latest extension of TamilRockers is .ws (www.tamilrockers.ws).

How to search for movies on the TamilRockers website

The process of the search for a film from TamilRockers is simple. Just follow the below steps.

1. Open the website TamilRockers in your internet browser. Go to the search bar.


2. Enter the name of the movie, the video you want to find. For example, I find the film “2.0”. You can sort by relevance or Date.


3. That’s it. You can find any movies from this method.

Is downloading from TamilRockers illegal?

Yes, Downloading movies, songs, or any short videos are not legal because they do not create the content they publish. Neither they have any legal license to upload on their website.

How TamilRockers Works?

All activities on TamilRockers has done anonymously. They did not provide or leak any information about their work. They use different proxies, VPN to make sure that no one can track them. They buy new domains and extensions using different IPs and fake identities. They have their servers, and all servers located in countries where they do not face any law that harms them like Iceland. Also, They use cryptocurrencies to pay for getting domains, servers, movie prints, and so on.

They get a print/DVD of popular movies using their sources and uploads on the website. Some time they distribute these prints with other sites and get money. Also, they use different ads on their websites. Due to popular movies, a vast number of the user comes on their websites, and per click on ads, they earn money.

How tamilrockers make and earn money?

The website TamilRockers makes money through ads. Google Adsense never displays their ads on a pirated site. But there are some other agencies available that offer pops up ads, and these ads can contain malware links that can harm your system and privacy.

How Tamil rockers movie download

If you want to download, make sure you have a torrent downloader and space in your device. Read more to download movies from TamilRockers.

TamilRockers what happened

Due to privacy violations and using pirated content, the website gets banned, and some people arrested who are associated with the website. The site is still active, and the user can access it directly. Read more in detail here.

Where to find TamilRockers?

You can only find the tamilrockers on the internet through their website. Physically we cannot find any information because they work anonymously, and that’s why they hide their identities and their working place.

Why is tamilRockers not working?

The website is still working, but after the ban from the government, you cannot access the site by searching you have to access the direct URL of TamilRockers which is tamilrockers.ws.

How do torrent sites like TamilRockers and The Pirate Bay make income by providing movies and other stuff for free download?

They only earn money by distributing copies or print of movies they get from cinemas, sharing files links, and using ads on the website.

Peoples are searching new URL of TamilRockers 2019. Is Tamilrockers a good website or a scam?

As we early mention that few members of TamilRockers arrested for uploading content without permission, and also some rumor says that TamilRockers leaked the privacy of users. The website is not a scam. They provide what they say but in the wrong and illegal way.

Why is the government not taking any actions on websites like TamilRockers and Movierulz, which provide pirated movies?

The main reason is that these types of cases or handled by civil courts and not prosecuted by the police. Also, most of these websites operated from countries where they are free from these types of laws. Also, using cryptocurrency, proxies they can hide their identities entirely, and no one knows who is behind these websites.

How can I access Tamilrockers’ website?

We do not recommend you to access tamilrockers in case if you are from a country where the website TamilRockers is ban and not allowed to access it. Read how to unblock tamilrockers if you are still want to open the site. 

What is the new TamilRockers’ domain in 2019?

The new TamilRockers domain in 2019 is tamilrockers.ws.

What are the alternative websites to tamilrockers.com, torrentz.eu?

Both tamilrockers.com and torrentz.eu are a great website to find movies, TV shows, but after the ban, it is not safe and legal to browse them. So it is a wise decision to find alternative websites. Follow the link to find tamilrockers alternatives.

What are the TamilRockers working URL of 2019?

The working URL and domain of TamilROckers in 2019 is www.tamilRockers.ws.


We try our best to provide answers to all frequently asked questions. If we miss any one of them or you want to get more information about the tamilrockers website or any website, you can ask us in the comment section.

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