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Watch Online Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Movies Free 2019

Do you want to enjoy a good Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam movie but you do not want to spend money to buy a cinema ticket or website subscription? If you are fond of watching movies and want to download and watch movies for free, we promise you will be happy after reading this article where we will tell you how you can download and watch Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies without spending a penny.

Although some of the websites we will tell you in this article will ask you to create an account and most allow you to download directly without creating an account.

So without wasting your time let’s start….

Is it legal and safe to download Movie From these sites?

Yes… You can download movies from the website we will tell you in below sections are 100% legal and safe to browse and download movies. Downloading movies, games or other content from torrent or illegal source get you in trouble especially after very strict steps of governments and cybercrime against TamilRockers and another illegal website.

All website we will tell you are safe and legal to use. We will not mention any torrent or content theft website.

Where from You can download and watch Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam Movies?

There are lots of online streaming sites, TVs and apps that allow you to watch and download movies…

Here we will tell you the best online streaming website where you can easily download and watch movies legally.

Best websites to download and watch Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam Movies 2019

1. Youtube

Youtube is the number one and most secure website to watch and download movies. We all know it is the number one source of videos. You can watch your favorite movies in HD results, and you can watch in different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. All content available on just one click for free. So open youtube search your favorite movie and open it. You can watch movie live and you can also download it by using different software such as Internet download manager, y2mate, etc. It is the trending platform where movie publisher focuses as it is an earning source for them too,

Take a “spin” on the platform and you will not be disappointed.

2. https://www.moviesonlinegold.com

Moviesonlinegold is a good source to watch movies for free. They offer excellent and very broad content. Where you can watch Hollywood, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and other movies. The design of the website is very simple and clear. If you visit it for the first time you can easily navigate it. All movies packed in their related categories which help you to easily find out your desired movie. Here you can search a movie by its year so if you want to watch movies back in 19s you will easily find out.

3. bolly2tolly

Enjoying your favorite movie has never been easier than when you use bolly2tolly.com. This website allows you to download and watch Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other movies for free. The stylish look and beautiful color of the website make user delighted. You can download all latest Hindi, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, etc movies. All data is summarized in related categories and search bar allows you to find movies on your fingertips.

Download and watch movies from bolly2tolly website is completely legal and safe. The qualities of movies are excellent and you can watch HD movies.

4. moviezwaphd

Another option allows you to watch good quality movies for free is MoviezWaPhd. It is a totally digital platform that allows you to watch and download a wide range of content for free. The interface of the website is very simple and clear. On the homepage, you’ll see a list of categories of different movies includes (Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and other movies). One of the advantages of the website is this that you will find quality movies for free.

5. mycoolmoviez

One site that we could not lift from this list is MyCoolMoviez. The website has a wide range of content with the 4k quality. The interface of the website is very simple and clean you can easily find out and download your movies. It is safe and allowed to use.


Like other cinema’s Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam cinema introduce their presence. And in a way that everyone loves their action movies and everyone dies to watch them. They made their names in the film industry in a very short span and their movies make huge fan following.

The websites we mentioned to you in the article are the best option to download and watch Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies free. These sites are 100% free and legal to browse them. So with the help of these websites, you can download and watch movies. We hope this list will help you. If we forget to mention other big names please tell us in the comments section we will review your comment.

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