Tamilrockers Website - Download Movies On TamilRockers.com 2019

Tamilrockers Website – Download Movies On TamilRockers.com 2019

You may hear or read about the TamilRockers website in the news or papers. It is an online website that is popular due to whenever a movie releases they upload it on their website.

So in this article, we will provide you a complete guide about TamilRockers.

What is TamilRockers.com

TamilRockers is an online website that gives access to users to watch and download their favorite English, Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil movies for free. According to a police statement, the website owned by a person named Prabhu, but it is not sure yet.

TR is a pirate website that theft content without the permission of the original creators that’s why the site banned in India and other countries from the government and Internet service providers (ISP). The website appears on the internet in 2011 with the name TamilRockers com.

What you can find on the TamilRockers website?

In the TamilRockers movies section, you can find an unlimited amount of different movies and short videos. Here are the following popular categories you can find on the TamilRockers website.

  • Tamil Movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • English movies
  • Short movies
  • Hindi movies and much more.

If you do not find a movie that you want to watch, you can ask them by their request system feature.

How to open the TamilRockers website in 2019?

After the banned from government and internet service providers, you cannot access the website directly; you have to learn some tricks and methods to bypass the ban.

Follow this link to learn how to unblock the website.

How to download movies from TamilRockers?

If you are not familiar with the TamilRockers or any other torrent website, don’t worry, the process is straightforward.

Follow the link, and you will learn how you can download movies from TamilRockers.

Popular 2019 leaked movies by TamilRockers

The list of movies that leaked on the TamilRockers website in 2019 is very long we mention with you some of the best.

Is TamilRockers effect on the Box office collection of New Released Movie?

Yes. When a new movie released TamilRockers upload it on the website and those who plan to watch a movie in cinema by buying a ticket they prefer to watch it on their mobile or PC by downloading it for free.

So all the money that should come to the creator’s account due to TamilRockers creator’s or producers lost it, and the overall collection of the movie didn’t reach where it should be.

How to create a TR account and Extra features?

When you browse the website without creating an account, you did not enjoy all the features that you can enjoy by creating an account. If you create an account, you can enjoy the following extra features.

  • You can submit a comment
  • You can become a member and join TamilRockers forum
  • You can get the latest updates and announcements and much more

If you do not know how to create a TamilRockers account, visit this link.

After the ban of government and ISP’s on TamilRockers and other pirate websites, it is not safe and legal to visit these websites. If you want to know more about why the government bans these websites, you can visit this link.

Alternatives to TamilRockers

TamilRockers is one of the best movie websites, but there are some alternatives to TamilRockers available on the internet that are good as TamilRockers.

Here you can find alternatives to TamilRockers.


TamilRockers become very popular after the leaking movies such as 2.0, Kabir Singh. Due to government and ISP’s ban, the website removed from search engines, but it still exists on the internet. And there are some ways you can access TamilRockers.

We provide you a complete guide about TamilRockers if you do not find your answers on this page visit the links that we offer you. On these links, you will read a complete and detailed guide about the TamilRockers website.


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